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SA Energy Brand

SA Energy is a mechanical and electrical consultant specialising in renewable energy systems. They install a wide variety of technologies such as solar panels and heat pumps. I was contacted by the client who wanted to rebrand.


Establishing what they were looking for helped direct my research and ideation when I started working on the project. They wanted a simple and clean logo with more of a corporate style and the brand needed to be easy to work with so they could use it themselves, as they are a small business. It would also need to be suitable for a variety of applications for both printed and digital media, including vehicle wraps and clothes.


After conducting research, investigating the suitability of the client's preferred colour palette for the new brand and a lot of sketching later, I landed on a design that worked well. The client was enthusiastic about it and what it represents, so I developed it further until we were happy with the results.


The final design represents several ideas directly involved with renewable energy systems whilst also reflecting the fun and professional personality of the business.


Decoding the Design:


  • S – SA Energy

  • Power Bolt – energy, electricity, power

  • Battery Cell – energy, power, the symbol for cell/battery in a physics circuit diagram (completed if the design is put end to end, representing that renewable energy sources are naturally replenishable – ongoing)

  • Pipes – many renewable energy systems have pipes

  • Colour Gradient – energy flow

  • Colours – representing the natural, renewable energy sources harnessed to help the environment whilst reflecting responsibility, stability, and growth.

The two images at the end are shots of the SA Energy directors van where my brand has been applied to it. Although the company that produced the van wrap organised the brand elements in that way, they used the brand identity I designed to achieve it.

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